What to Know About Domestic Violence in New Jersey

New Jersey takes issues of domestic violence very seriously. The state uses a better safe than sorry approach, where an alleged victim’s accusation can result in a near-immediate temporary restraining order and an arrest upon police arrival. The court may deem the temporary restraining order necessary and then grant a permanent restraining order. A domestic violence charge can be detrimental to you and your future that extends past all fines and jail time. If you would like to speak with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney, call Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC today to discuss your options.

What is New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act?

The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 was enacted in New Jersey to provide protections for victims of domestic violence. This act gives victims civil relief, which typically results in a Temporary Restraining Order, and criminal relief, which refers to pressing criminal charges against the abuser. There are various domestic relationships that are categorized under domestic violence. A domestic relationship can involve any of the following:

  • Married parties
  • Separated parties
  • Divorced parties
  • Those who live together
  • Dating parties
  • Those who share a child or children

Acts of domestic violence can involve any of the following penalties and offenses:

  • Simple assault
  • Terroristic threats
  • Harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Homicide

What are the consequences of a domestic violence charge?

The first offense is usually a temporary restraining order issued by the victim. A temporary restraining order protects the victim from an accused abuser in the home, their jobs, or from contacting them or their family. The court will then make a quick decision as to whether or not the temporary restraining order needs to become permanent. These will be issues raised in court.

If you have a temporary restraining order against you, it is crucial that you do not violate this order. If you do, you are at risk of facing additional charges that can be even more impactful on your life.

What if I was falsely accused of domestic violence?

In some situations, accusations of domestic violence are not true and can arise from one party wanting to harm the other party. If you believe you were falsely accused of domestic violence, it is in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you clear your name and protect your future.

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