What is Robbery?

There are few things worse than obtaining a criminal record. If you are someone who is being charged with robbery in New Jersey, you risk facing a wide array of penalties, which is why you must continue reading and speak with our experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney to learn more about how our firm […]

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What Happens if I am Caught Shoplifting in New Jersey?

We all know it is wrong to shoplift or steal, however, people still do it. Of course, making a bad judgment call does not make you a bad person, though this does not mean that New Jersey courts will not treat you as such. If you have been caught shoplifting, you must continue reading and […]

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Coronavirus-Related Scams to Look Out For

Unfortunately, in the wake of any tragic event, there are people who will take advantage. As a result, we have seen various types of theft, fraud, and other coronavirus-related crimes cropping up across the state of New Jersey, some of which are as follows: Price gouging: One of the most common forms of price gouging […]

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