What to Know About Burglary and Robbery in New Jersey

Burglary and robbery are two crimes that are often confused with each other. Read on to learn the differences between burglary and robbery and their associated charges. What to Know About Burglary To be convicted of burglary in New Jersey, you must be guilty of trespassing. Trespassing refers to the act of entering a structure […]

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Fourth of July DWIs in New Jersey | What to Know

The Fourth of July is an exciting holiday. Many people celebrate Independence Day with barbecues and fireworks. Often, these events involve alcoholic beverages. When party-goers make the decision to drive home while intoxicated, they put lives at risk. As a result, New Jersey takes DWI charges very seriously. Read on to learn more about DWIs […]

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New Jersey’s Firework Laws | What to Know

In 2017, New Jersey’s previous governor, Chris Christie amended the New Jersey Explosives and Fireworks Act. The amendment legalized the sale and possession of non-explosive fireworks. But, there are still laws regarding certain types of fireworks and how they can be used. Read on to learn more. What are New Jersey’s Firework Laws? In New […]

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What are the Consequences of a CDL DWI in New Jersey?

People who drive as their jobs are issuesd a commercial driver’s license (CDL). In New Jersey, no one is allowed to drive while under the influence of alcohol. But, those with CDLs are held to an even higher standard. Losing your CDL can mean losing your ability to make a living. If you are facing […]

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