Probation Violations in New Jersey | What to Know

When someone is charged with a crime, there are various ways to serve a sentence. For example, you may be offered probation. Probation will allow you to serve your sentence at home, in the community, rather than in jail. But, with probation comes strict guidelines you must follow. Violating these requirements can result in serious […]

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Underage DWI in New Jersey | What to Know

An underage DWI is a serious offense. New Jersey has a Zero Tolerance Law when it comes to driving while intoxicated. In addition, it is illegal to purchase or consume alcohol under the age of 21. So, those who choose to drink underage and then operate a vehicle are breaking multiple serious laws. Driving drunk […]

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This Holiday Season: What If I got a DWI For the First Time?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of the biggest holidays of the year and people often choose to celebrate with drinks. While someone of age enjoying a few drinks is harmless, getting behind the wheel of a car afterward is not. Driving while intoxicated is an incredibly dangerous act, and if you are pulled […]

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Can I Use my Cell Phone at a Red Light in New Jersey?

Currently, using your cell phone at a red light is legal, but discouraged by law enforcement. This may soon change. A new bill has been introduced, banning the use of cell phones while stopped at red lights in New Jersey. Read on to learn more about the potential new bill and New Jersey’s cell phone […]

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