Memorial Day DWIs in New Jersey | What to Know

Like many national holidays, Memorial Day Weekend often involves drinking. But, some individuals will get behind the wheel after drinking, putting a number of lives at risk. As a result, DWI charges are taken very seriously in New Jersey. Read on to learn more about DWI charges and the consequences they carry. What if I […]

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Easter Weekend DWI Charges in New Jersey | What to Know

Many people celebrate the holidays with drinks. This may include mimosas at brunch over Easter weekend. While it is perfectly normal to share a few drinks with friends and family, it can be incredibly dangerous to drive home afterward. Driving while intoxicated is taken very seriously in New Jersey. DWI charges carry heavy consequences that […]

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Does New Jersey Offer Conditional Licenses After DWIs

The state of New Jersey takes DWIs very seriously. As a result, these charges carry heavy penalties. One of the consequences you will face is the loss of your driver’s license. This can impact an individual in a number of important ways, so it is important to be aware of the consequences of a DWI […]

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Can I Challenge a DWI Charge in New Jersey?

DWI charges are taken very seriously in New Jersey. As a result, they often carry heavy consequences that can follow you throughout your life. That is why it is important to know your rights. In some cases, it is possible to challenge a DWI charge with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Read […]

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