Underage DWI in New Jersey | What to Know

An underage DWI is a serious offense. New Jersey has a Zero Tolerance Law when it comes to driving while intoxicated. In addition, it is illegal to purchase or consume alcohol under the age of 21. So, those who choose to drink underage and then operate a vehicle are breaking multiple serious laws. Driving drunk […]

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This Holiday Season: What If I got a DWI For the First Time?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of the biggest holidays of the year and people often choose to celebrate with drinks. While someone of age enjoying a few drinks is harmless, getting behind the wheel of a car afterward is not. Driving while intoxicated is an incredibly dangerous act, and if you are pulled […]

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What Happens if I am Charged With Driving Under the Influence With a CDL in NJ?

If you are someone who has recently received a DWI while you were behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, you are facing very serious consequences. Of course, you will face standard DWI consequences, however, you will also have your livelihood on the line, making these charges all the more potentially damaging. That is why […]

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Labor Day DWIs in New Jersey | What You Need to Know

This Labor Day, many people from across the state will travel to meet their friends and relatives to celebrate. There will be barbecues, pool parties, and more. Many people celebrate the holiday by having a drink or two, which is fine, provided they do not drive afterward. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of driving […]

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