New Jersey’s Firework Laws | What to Know

In 2017, New Jersey’s previous governor, Chris Christie amended the New Jersey Explosives and Fireworks Act. The amendment legalized the sale and possession of non-explosive fireworks. But, there are still laws regarding certain types of fireworks and how they can be used. Read on to learn more.

What are New Jersey’s Firework Laws?

In New Jersey, you can legally purchase:

  • Handheld sparklers
  • Ground-based sparklers
  • Snakes
  • Glowworms
  • Smoke devices
  • Trick noisemakers

It is illegal to purchase and use certain fireworks, including explosive and aerial fireworks. These fireworks are only to be used in permitted public displays. When using these fireworks, you must adhere to the following:

  • It is unlawful to sell, offer for sale, possess, or use them without a valid permit
  • The permit must be issued by a municipality after submitting an application in writing and posting a bond for the display
  • The chiefs of police and fire departments are required to approve the permit
  • An identification number of the firework types must be on the permit

Consequences for Illegal Fireworks:

When a person does not abide by New Jersey’s firework laws, they will likely face consequences as a result. This is because the illegal possession or use of fireworks puts you and other people around you in serious danger.

If a person sells, offers or exposes for sale, or possesses fireworks with intent to sell, they can be found guilty of a crime in the fourth degree.

If they buy, use, discharge, ignite, or possess fireworks, they can be found guilty of a petty disorderly person’s offense.

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