New Jersey Will Release Up to 1,000 Inmates

In the wake of the new coronavirus, New Jersey Chief Justice Stuart Rabner recently issued an order suspending or commuting jail sentences for “low-risk” offenders. Those who are in jail for third or fourth-degree crimes, as well as those convicted of disorderly persons offenses will most likely have their sentences commuted. That being said, individuals who have prison sentences will not be commuted.

This is a sweeping order designed to halt the spread of the new coronavirus in the state’s jails, and other neighboring states, such as New York, have taken similar steps. Of the order, ACLU-NJ Executive Director Amol Singha said, “Unprecedented times call for rethinking the normal way of doing things, and in this case it means releasing people who pose little risk to their communities for the sake of public health and the dignity of people who are incarcerated.”

Though there is no telling whether this trend will continue, it is our hope that the New Jersey court system continues to allow those who are non-threats to society to return home from jail in an effort to preserve their safety, as well as the safety of other inmates and guards. If you have any additional questions regarding your criminal case, please reach out to our experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney today to learn more about how our firm can help you through the legal process going forward.

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