How Will a Criminal Record Affect My Life?

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Whether guilty or not, being charged with a crime in New Jersey can have detrimental effects on your life. Not only do you risk going to jail, but you can expect to experience massive disruption in other areas of your life. However, understanding the severity of a criminal record is crucial to ensuring that you take the necessary steps to hire a Camden County criminal defense attorney to fight for you.

Will a Criminal Record Impact My Job?

If arrested for a crime, you can expect to experience disruptions to your job. This includes being terminated from your current position, as New Jersey does not explicitly protect the rights of those facing charges. Though encouraged to consider the crime and its implications, it is not illegal for your employer to fire you if you have been arrested.

Similarly, when applying to new jobs, you may find employers require you to answer questions about whether or not you have been arrested or convicted of a crime. This means they can deny your job application if you have a criminal record. While there are companies that do hire ex-felons or convicted criminals, some explicitly do not and will not consider you for employment, regardless of your qualifications and experience.

Are My Children Affected by My Record?

If you have children, you may be anxious to learn whether or not your actions can affect your children. Though they may not experience any direct consequences of your arrest, they will still suffer the impact of your criminal record.

In some instances, you can lose custody of your children, depending on the crime and sentencing. When you have a record, you also relinquish the right to adopt children. However, your loss of income due to an arrest can make it more challenging for your children’s needs to be met in areas like housing and education. These factors can lead to mental health issues for your children, such as anxiety or depression.

Is My Immigration Status at Risk?

If you’ve committed a crime as an immigrant or non-citizen, you risk deportation. Generally, petty offenses that warrant less than six months of jail time do not put you at risk for deportation. However, crimes such as rape, assault, kidnapping, or domestic violence can put you at risk for removal. In general, the more severe the crime is, the more likely you will face a quick deportation.

What Do I Do If I’m Facing Charges?

When you’re arrested, you may immediately start trying to prove your innocence. However, it’s best to remain quiet until you have retained legal counsel. This helps protect you from incriminating yourself or taking a deal from prosecution that may not be in your best interest. Letting a lawyer fight for you is essential when charged with a crime.

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