How Do I Pick a Criminal Defense Attorney to Represent My Case?

Selecting the right attorney can be the difference between walking free and going to jail, only to have a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. That is why it is so critical the attorney you select checks several key boxes. Please continue reading to learn more about all the qualifications a true criminal defense attorney should have.

  • He should exclusively practice criminal law. When selecting an attorney to represent you in a criminal case, you should first ensure that the attorney primarily practices criminal law. Attorney DeMarco has been practicing criminal law for years. A primarily personal injury attorney is not the best fit to represent you in a criminal case, but many will be glad to take your case anyway.  
  • Your attorney should have extensive knowledge of criminal law in New Jersey. A good attorney will be able to answer all the basic questions surrounding the circumstances of your case. For example, if you receive a theft charge for shoplifting, your attorney should be able to tell you what consequences you may be facing, and how you can fight those charges going forward. 
  • Your attorney should be familiar with the local court system. The law does not change based on the courtroom it is being practiced in. However, courtrooms do function differently from one another, which is why it is always best to hire an attorney who has been practicing in the area for years. Attorney DeMarco also checks that box. 
  • The attorney should have good online reviews. One of the best ways to gauge an attorney’s ability is by reading the reviews people leave online. Attorney DeMarco maintains a near-5-star reputation with nearly 60 reviews on Google.
  • Is your attorney responsive, and are you comfortable with him/her? Trust is the cornerstone of all attorney-client relationships. Your attorney should take the time to answer all of your questions and assure you that your case is in good hands. Attorney DeMarco will keep you informed, every step of the way.

If you are facing criminal charges, give our experienced, aggressive New Jersey criminal defense attorney a call today. He will help you through every step of the process going forward, working to ensure you do not face the unwanted ramifications of a criminal record.

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