How can I protect my rights during police interrogations?

police asking a suspect questions

If the authorities suspect you have committed a crime or have relevant information, they may apprehend and interrogate you to gather information. Police interrogations can be intense, whether you’re under investigation or being questioned for a statement to build a case against someone else. Officers may use tactics to coerce a confession or persuade you to cooperate with them. Unfortunately, individuals that do not know their rights fall for their tactics. However, it is imperative to understand the rights you are afforded during police interrogations as they protect you from self-incrimination. If you have been taken into police custody and subject to interrogation, contact a talented Camden County Criminal Defense Attorney who can defend your rights and interests. Please continue reading to learn your rights during police interrogation to ensure they are not violated at any point. 

What are my rights during police interrogations?

When you are detained by the police for interrogation, it is in your best interest to invoke your constitutional rights. You are probably familiar with the phrase, “You have the right to remain silent.” However, you may not realize the power behind this statement. As per your constitutional rights, you are protected from self-incrimination. Therefore, when you are arrested or brought in for questioning, you should enact your right to remain silent. When you invoke your Fifth Amendment right, you do not have to answer the questions posed by the police, as your constitutional rights protect you from testifying against yourself when accused of a crime. Often, the police will insist on cooperating as it will help you reach a lesser sentence. However, the police do not have the authority to grant a lesser punishment or reduce penalties.

Do I have the right to retain legal counsel?

Besides your right to remain silent, per your Sixth Amendment right, you have the right to legal counsel. Essentially, you have the right to be represented by an attorney during a police interrogation. A public defense attorney will be provided at the state’s expense if you cannot afford an attorney. It would be best to remain silent until you’ve had an opportunity to consult with your attorney.

Acquiring quality legal counsel is imperative as an experienced attorney is familiar with the deceitful tactics police use to get a confession. They can protect you from falling for their traps, as most people believe police officers must be honest during an interrogation. However, that is not true. You do not have the right to honesty as they have full authority to use deceit to their advantage to obtain information or get a confession.

To maximize your chances of the best possible outcome during a police interrogation, it is crucial to invoke your constitutional rights during a police interrogation. It is imperative to know your rights to ensure they are not violated during an interrogation. Allow a determined Camden County criminal defense attorney from the legal team at Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC, to represent your interests today.

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