Have You Been Charged With Violating Your Probation Conditions in New Jersey? Here is What You Need to Know.

If you are someone who was placed on probation in lieu of jail time, and you are now being charged with violating your probation conditions, you must retain the services of an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney who can fight those charges. Here are some of the questions you may have about the legal process ahead:

What are some of the most common conditions of probation in New Jersey?

There are various conditions of probation in New Jersey. To start, generally, most individuals will undergo probation anywhere from one to five years. That being said, once you are sentenced to probation, you will be assigned a probation officer who has the legal authority to do random check-ins to ensure that you are not violating the terms of your probation. Some of the most common conditions of probation in New Jersey are as follows:

  • You will have to regularly meet with your probation officer
  • You may have to pay heavy fines regarding your charges
  • You may have to obtain and keep employment
  • You may have to participate in community service for a period of time
  • You may have to attend alcohol or drug counseling if your charges are related to a potential substance abuse issue.
  • You may have to abide by a curfew.
  • You mustn’t break any laws.
  • You may have to submit to random drug testing.

What happens if I violate probation in New Jersey?

If you are charged with violating probation in New Jersey, your probation officer will file a Violation of Probation complaint with the court, and from here, you will have to attend a hearing wherein the judge will determine if the officer’s complaint is warranted. You must attend this hearing, for if you don’t, they may issue a warrant for your arrest. When you attend this hearing, you have a right to retain legal counsel, and your experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney can present evidence on your behalf to disprove the violation claim. If the complaint is determined untrue or invalid, the violation will be dismissed, however, if the judge decides you are guilty, you may have your probation revoked and you may be sentenced to jail. Our criminal defense attorney may defend you by stating that the complaint is wrong, that the act did not, in fact, violate your probation terms, that you had good behavior minus the one minor slip up, or any other defense that fits your specific charge.

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