Camden County Juvenile Crime Attorney

Camden County Juvenile Crime Attorney

Juvenile Crime Attorney in Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey

People make mistakes all the time. When those people are children, most legal cases are not held to the same standards as an adult. When parents face the reality that their child has made a terrible mistake, they have a lot to consider. Consequences for juvenile offenses vary depending on the case. When a child faces charges of egregious crimes, like some violent offenses, a court may consider waiving them up to adult court. New Jersey courts have a lot of discretion when deciding how to handle cases related to children. If your child faces juvenile court, you should contact an attorney to effectively represent your family. Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC is here to serve. Contact us to discuss your case.

Juvenile Crimes in NJ

A person under the age of 18 who was arrested for a crime or offense is considered a minor, or juvenile. Even if the offender turns 18 during the course of their case, they will still be considered a juvenile for the proceedings because the offense was committed by a person under the age of 18. In the most serious cases, like murder and assault, a court may consider waiving a minor up to an adult court trial. A juvenile could face adult circumstances, including prison. Most juvenile cases are heard by the Family Division of the Superior Court. Juvenile records are mostly sealed with a few exceptions.

Juvenile Case Proceedings

When a juvenile case commences, the parents of the child will receive notice from the family court detailing the charges, court procedures, and any other relevant information to help the guardian with the process. A judge will decide if the case is so egregious to constitute an adult trial. Most of these cases will stay in family court. Some simple cases are referred to the Juvenile Conference Committee. The Juvenile Conference Committee is a panel of citizen volunteers appointed by a Family Division judge to act on behalf of the court. Some NJ counties will refer the case to a judicial referee. A judicial referee is an attorney that sits in place of a judge and acts with the same legal authority.

Juvenile Representation in NJ

All juveniles facing charges must have representation when facing court. When a parent gets a notice from the Superior Court, they should contact an attorney immediately. Juvenile cases move quicker than adult trials and retaining effective representation is in the best interests of the child in addition to being the law. Some children may be awarded a public defender when the court is convinced that the parents cannot afford one. The legal standard is high. The state is strict and if either parent is employed, they will most likely decline the request for assistance.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC has served New Jersey with quality and effective legal services for many years. When parents face the reality that their children made a huge mistake that sent them to juvenile court, they have a lot to consider about their child’s future. Juvenile cases move quickly and parents should act promptly. Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC is ready to assess your case and guide you through your options in order to best serve your child’s legal needs. If your child faces adult charges, our firm will use all legal means to block the escalation. Our firm will effectively confer with prosecutors, acquire state evidence, review the case, and passionately represent the interests of your child. If you need legal advice or counsel for your child’s legal needs, contact Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC today.

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