Camden County Expungement Attorney

Camden County Expungement Attorney

Expungement Attorney in Mt. Ephraim NJ

No one should be defined by a single moment in their lives. If you have ever been arrested or even if you have been convicted of a crime, you deserve a chance for a fresh start. There is no reason you should have to worry that other people might learn about a previous arrest or conviction. Getting your criminal record expunged will allow you to live your life as though none of the potentially embarrassing incidents in your past ever occurred. However, removing all traces of a past criminal record is not easy. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that people will view you differently if they know you have been arrested. Thanks to the Internet, your criminal record can potentially be viewed by anyone online. This includes friends, colleagues, employers, landlords, insurance companies, and adoption agencies. If you need an experienced legal team to help guide you through the expungement process, you can count on Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC. Contact our firm to discuss your case.

What Does an “Expungement” Mean?

An expungement is the removal and isolation of all records within any New Jersey court concerning your arrest, detention, trial, or conviction of a criminal offense. An expungement means your criminal records will be sealed. When the court grants a petition for expungement, an order of expungement is issued and the case file and all copies of case-related documents are secured. This means that your criminal records will no longer be accessible by the public. There will be no record of your arrest or your conviction. In most circumstances, it will be as if you were never arrested. This can open up a great deal of opportunities for you to get your life back on track and leave the days of having your past questioned behind you.

How Long Do You Have to Wait Before You Can Get an Expungement in New Jersey?

There is no wait time for getting an arrest record expunged if the charges against you were dismissed. However, you must wait a certain amount of time before you are able to get a criminal conviction expunged, depending on the nature of the conviction. In 2018, New Jersey made major changes to the expungement laws, making it easier for people to clear their records. Now, the waiting period for felony convictions is 6 years as opposed to the previous 10-year requirement.

Contact a NJ Expungement Attorney

Expunging your criminal record isn’t always easy. It requires a great deal of documentation, patience, and ensuring you have everything in order. However, the payoff of having your record expunged can be worth the hassle. It is critical that you don’t try to go through this confusing process alone. The criminal defense lawyers at Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC know how to get your arrest record and/or conviction record expunged. We’ve helped countless clients throughout Southern New Jersey. Our experience in NJ courtrooms means that we can advise you on the best way to approach this situation. To discuss your situation and see if you are eligible for an expungement, contact Thomas DeMarco & Associates, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

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