Can My Assets be Seized in New Jersey? | Civil Asset Forfeiture

If law enforcement officers believe that your property was used obtained by committing a crime or used to commit a crime, the property can be seized. This is known as civil asset forfeiture. Recently, New Jersey has received a “D-” for civil asset forfeiture laws. Read on to learn more.

What Assets Can be Seized?

In New Jersey, law enforcement officers can seize the following:

  • Any proceeds from an illegal activity, such as cash from drug dealing
  • Property that is integral to the illegal acts, like money financing illegal gambling
  • Property used in committing a crime, such as an automobile used to transport illegal drugs

Why Did New Jersey Recieve a D-?

When it comes to letter grades, a D- is nearly a failing grade. So, why did New Jersey earn such a low score? For one, local law enforcement agencies retain 100 percent of forfeiture proceeds. As a result, there is a major financial incentive to seize these assets. Additionally, New Jersey agencies have no statutory requirement to track or report their forfeitures. Because of these issues, New Jersey is working to reform civil asset forfeiture laws.

What do I do if my Assets are Seized?

Unfortunately, if your assets have been seized, it is your responsibility to prove that your property was not involved in any criminal activity. In order to do this, you will need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. If your assets have been seized by New Jersey law enforcement, our firm is here to help. Reach out to speak with our team of skilled and dedicated attorneys as soon as possible.

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