Can I Get a Conditional License in New Jersey After a DUI?

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When you make the choice to drink and drive, you’re ultimately deciding to rescind some of your rights. However, once the action is done, you’re left to face the consequences. In New Jersey, any driver found operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of .08% is subjected to a DUI charge. If you’re facing a suspended license, you may want to know whether or not New Jersey will allow you to get a conditional license and how to apply.  In any case, a Camden County DUI attorney can help you navigate the charges.

Does New Jersey Allow Those Charged with DUI to Obtain a Conditional License?

Some states will allow individuals to apply dor a conditional license, which permits the holder to operate a vehicle under limited and predetermined rules based on their circumstances and commitments. For example, if someone is convicted of driving under the influence, they may still be able to drive their car with a suspended license, as they have obtained a conditional license.

This license allows the holder the opportunity to travel to predetermined places, such as work or school, while their license is suspended.

However, New Jersey is one of the strictest states in regard to DUI charges. This means that New Jersey does not offer conditional licenses to those who have had their license suspended due to a DUI charge.

Do I Have Other Options?

If you need your vehicle to travel to work or school, or you’re responsible for household duties such as driving others to doctor appointments or grocery shopping, you may be panicked when your license is suspended. However, there are still options that allow you to travel.

In most cases, if charged with a DUI in New Jersey, you will lose your license until you install an ignition interlock device in your car. You also must cover the cost of the device yourself, which can be a pricey expense for many. Similarly, you will be required to pay fines, fees, and participate in 24 to 48 hours of the Intoxicated Driving Program.

If charged with three or more DUIs, the penalties will be severe. Not only will the use of the ignition interlock device be mandatory, but you can face exorbitant fines and a license suspension of ten years.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

When facing DUI charges, you may think hiring representation is futile. However, ensuring you have a legal representative available can prevent you from further incriminating yourself or accepting deals that may be framed as ideal by the police or prosecution.

Instead, an experienced New Jersey DUI lawyer can examine your case and work to get the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Don’t wait to contact our Camden office today.

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